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th different spices. Every butcher has his own little secret recipe."Bodensee Kitchen's sausage platter includes Nuernberger, Frankfurter, cheesekra▓iner, and engadin sausages, meatloaf, h▓omemade

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sauerkraut, potato salad, pretzel dumpling and gravy.Paingt talks about the meticulous process of making a classic roast pork knuckle. From start to finish, he says, this dish takes more than 36 hours to prepare, including brining for one d▓ay, then boiling for about five to six hours, until the meat is tender, and roasting until the skin is so crisp that it breaks into pieces at the cut of a knife with

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a little force. Inside, the flavorsome and tender meat simply fa▓lls off the bone.The golden, crispy skin is sur

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art from the high-end ones in the five-star hotels. Including drinks, I'd say the average cost per person here is 75 yuan ($12) for breakfa▓st, 80 for lunch, and 150 yuan for dinner. That is about on par with the price of a similar family style restaurant in Germany."Over the past 10 ▓years, he says, he has worked on a number of food and beverage projects in Beijing and Shanghai, includi▓ng consulting for successful brands such as O'Steak, Amandine, Enoterra, and April Gourmet.Bodensee Kitchen boasts an extensive menu. For drinks, there is a judiciously chosen selection of wines from Germany and Austria; German beer such as Bitburger draft beer, Weihenstephan wheat beer and Schofferhofer. For vegetarians, there are Schlutzkrapfen▓, Austrian dumplings, which are stu▓ffed with chopped spinach, garlic an▓d a coating of nutty parmesan. There is also a menu for ch▓ildren.Finally, a warning about the ample size of the▓ dishes, which mean that this cozy Brauhaus-style eatery is well suited to families and fri▓ends dining together.Please scan the QR▓ Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatA po▓pular exhibition highlighting China's biggest achi▓evements is

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being held at the Beijing Exhibition Center from Sept. 26 till the en


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  • dged German restaurant in the place wher
  • e he first started trading in Beijing 12 years
  • ago, o▓n the second floor
of the bakery. Now you
can enjoy G
  • erman food, specifically German-Austrian-S
  • wiss cuisine from his hometown of Bodensee (
  • Lake Constance), located w
here Germany, Austria
a▓nd Switzerland meet."
  • The perspective of German food in China
  • is a little bit boring," P▓aingt says. "Most
  • people think what we eat eve
ry day is por▓k knuck
le and sausage
  • ."Of course, these two are quintessentia
  • l dishes, and a dozen German restaurants in
  • Beijing serve them, but Bode
nsee ▓Kitchen tries t
o go further, he say
  • s.At a media tasting lunc▓h, when we were
  • invited to try a German pizza it was diffic
  • ult to know what to expect,
but any expectations I
did ▓have were low,
  • given the pictures on the menu, w▓hose co
  • ntents looked anything but appetizing. What a
  • surp▓rise, then, when the "
Flammkuchen pizza" p

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es of rural areas that had become more prosperous and improved their infrastructure. The exhibition also presented examples of China's technologic

/ ▓ered crust topped with a

al advancements, including the AG600 hydroplane, a self-driv▓ing car and AI robots. Among the main highlights were the BeiDou Navigation Satellite

/ to the crust's crispnes

System (BDS)▓, a demonstration of a health check system for rural residents and a 3D printing machine.▓BeiDou Navigation Satellite SystemThere were

n Germany adjacent to the Alsace

several interactive de

and Spaetzle (handmade

  • nood▓les), is a

    ou, one of the most advanced satellite networks in the world, at the exhibition. For examp▓le, there was a flight simulator and a driving simulator th?/p>

  • nother regional di

    坅t used the navigation system; ther▓e were also several models displaying its size and scale.BeiDou is already well established and has numerous applica

  • sh that Bodensee

    tions; most significantly, it was used in the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, playing an important role in providing data that was▓ used for rescue operations

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 border patr

  • , but the hearty a▓ccompaniment of bouncy, soft egg n
  • oodles, which I had never eaten before, won me ▓ove
r.Bodensee Kitchen does a good job in presenting a wide choice of traditional Germ

ol operations in southwest China’s Yunnan province, which ha▓s borders with Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar.There could be▓ even bigger achievements ahead for BeiDou, w▓hich has an annual turnover of $31.5billion, could even overtake GPS in global usage

an fare, and it would be failing in its duty if it did n▓ot ser

ve sausages and
795 Folsom Ave, Suite 600
San Francisco, CA 94107
P : (123) 456-7890

pork knuckle."To many Germans, sausages represent a tast

once it is completed and all 35 of its satellites are in operation, which is

scheduled to happen in 2020. Accordin▓g to China Satellite Navigation Office, it will b

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